Posted on May 12, 2014 · Posted in Your Relationship with Food

The Diet Continues

Using the diet pills from Jackie Gleason’s diet doctor, the competition to lose weight was on. “I’m going to be really good this week.  I’m going to skip breakfast.  I wish I had enough pills to take two each day.” After two months of the Tuesday night ritual, Mom and Doris would always eat something rich, sugary, and fattening.  The ride would always start out with mom saying she thought she lost three pounds and Doris always saying she thought she lost four.  Competition was big amongst these two devoted friends.

Once they were weighed, the drive home was a little different.  Mom would say she didn’t lose weight last week and Doris would confess her true weight loss, if any.  Then honesty prevailed about what they ate.  Doris usually ate chocolate stored at her desk.  Or there might have been a birthday party in the office where they both worked.  Then they would talk about how they had to try the cake because it looked so good and they were never going to have cake again, ever, ever, ever. So they just couldn’t resist.  And more importantly, they couldn’t disappoint the birthday girl and not have a piece of cake.

Mom, Arleen and I ate in the luncheonette downstairs from our apartment about four or five nights per week.  Mom would sit at the counter with her grown-up friends while Arleen and I would sit in a booth ordering hamburgers, French fires, coke and usually ice cream or pie for dessert.  Mom would tell everyone she was losing weight and how wonderful her diet pills kept her from feeling hunger.  She would order a grilled hamburger without the bun and a vegetable.

But once we went back upstairs to our apartment, I would see mom eating out of the chocolate ice cream container or the cookie jar.  I only asked once why she was cheating because when I did, she screamed, “it is none of your business”.  I had to listen to how she sacrificed everything for me and my sister.  Life was hard, work was hard, too much to do, wanted to have fun, felt sorry for herself having to diet, the pope died, etc., etc., etc. To be continued…..

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