Posted on November 24, 2015 · Posted in Healthful Eating Tips

Happy Thanksgiving to all! What does Thanksgiving mean to us in 2015? A time to celebrate with our loved ones, four days off work for most, the beginning of the holiday season, and FOOD-LOTS OF IT! A happy time, along with anxiety and thoughts about how much food you are going to consume and more importantly, how much weight you will gain this holiday season.

Happy Thanksgiving CornucopiaDo you believe you will eat too much? Do you believe you will gain weight? If you believe this, I can guarantee you, you will gain weight.

Why, because if you believe you will gain weight your thoughts will negotiate, compromise and rationalize how much you eat. What I call your Inner Food Voice taking over being conscious about the food you CHOOSE to eat. When you are eating unconsciously, you barely taste the food because you are already feeling anxious and guilty.

Let 2015 be a NEW BEGINNING to Your Holiday Season

Start with your Belief System – Three Tips to Enjoy the Holiday Season and NOT Gain Weight:

1. Believe you can enjoy any food you choose. Choose is the optimum word.
2. Choose one helping of ONLY your absolute favorite foods.
3. Enjoy every taste and eat till satisfied.

And save room for a piece of delicious apple/pumpkin pie or a dessert of your CHOICE. If you follow these three tips during Thanksgiving Day, you will feel proud, satisfied and happy.

Let 2015 be a New Beginning so you enjoy the 2015 Holiday Season relaxed sharing love, joy and happiness because at you TRULY wanted to eat.

Happy Thanksgiving!