Posted on March 14, 2014 · Posted in Weight Loss Tips

Do you fear the bathroom scale?

How can a small object sitting on the bathroom floor cause so much emotional turmoil? I had not weighed myself for 20 years terrified to see the number on the scale. I thought I could tell my weight by the way my clothes fit. How ridiculous was that when I have skinny, fat and in between clothes. I was in total denial.

My clients are intimidated by the thought of getting on their scale. Many emotions surface when I asked them to weigh themselves before beginning the Metabolic Reset Program. Some clients wanted to wait until their clothes were loose before weighing themselves. Some had anxiety for days until they built up enough courage to get on the scale.

Weight loss is tricky business

• We convince ourselves that we are eating well so the scale isn’t necessary
• We manipulate our mind to believe we can eat an extra piece of cake, pizza, bread, etc.
• Our clothes will tell us if we gained weight

By not knowing what we weigh, we don’t know where we are going.

Losing weight is hard but maintaining our ideal weight is even harder. If we stop weighing once we reach our desired weight, old patterns can prevail so ultimately we often regain the weight we worked so hard to lose. Continue to weigh yourself even after reaching your ideal weight with the Metabolic Reset Program.

My story.435879_BLOGJPG_20130911153159190

Since I lost weight over seven years ago, I was determined to never diet again after yo-yo dieting for over 35 years. I was exhausted from continuing to lose, gain, lose, gain. So I had to get honest with myself and become friends with the scale. Now I weigh myself every day when I am home. If I am on vacation, I weigh myself the first day I return home to know whether I gained weight. Most times I have gained two to three pounds. Then I know it is time to return to my healthy eating habits so the weight comes off. This process has worked successfully for over seven years and I am more relaxed enjoying food instead of feeling tense and analyzing every bite. I trust my body will do the work if I eat healthy even if I gained weight while on vacation or over a weekend of eating dinners out.

Weigh in to stay on track.

In the past, I would have played games with myself by not getting on the scale believing that I would return to eating healthy and the weight would come off. But what actually happened is I would be out for dinner with friends ordering rich foods, eating bread and desserts after a luxurious vacation where I had overeaten. Now I know where I am and when I return from a vacation, I weigh in, eat healthy until the scale shows that I am at my ideal weight.
The Scale is Your Friend Having worked with hundreds of clients over the years, many of them now see the scale as their friend. Sometimes, I get a call from a client that has regained some of the weight they lost while working with me and when I ask if they are stilling weighing in, I usually hear the words, “no, I stopped a couple of months ago”. That’s when I know they have returned to old behavior.

Many clients believe they gained much more than they actually did; however, they are so terrified to get on the scale. Once they become comfortable with finding out where they are, most clients have gained less than they thought. So we begin the process of returning to healthy habits so they lose the unwanted weight and continue to maintain by getting on the scale.
Let’s face it. The scale shows us a number. Instead of becoming depressed, upset, angry or distraught about the number, be kind to yourself. Then put a plan into action that will work for you.

The Metabolic Reset Program has worked for hundreds of clients and with coaching clients not only about weight loss but also about the importance of how to maintain their goal weight, I have been delighted to have happy, satisfied clients that know by following the steps outlined in the program, they will never have to diet again. Please contact Joyce for more information.