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Posted on March 27, 2014 · Posted in Emotional Eating

What are the Signs of Emotional Eating?

“An excerpt from my soon-to-be published book,

 Stop the Torment: Conquer Your Relationship with Food”

Your physical hunger and your emotions are easily confused, especially when it comes to eating.  Emotions come in several varieties.  It can be difficult to recognize which ones cause us to eat.  Do you eat when you are happy, sad, lonely, depressed, angry, anxious or stressed? Even being tired can cause overeating.  Emotional eating is triggered by feelings. It is based on not wanting to deal with an issue in our life, so instead we substitute food to deny the problem. We use food to numb our feelings. Emotional eating disconnects us from the sensation of hunger.

Five signs you are on the emotional eating merry-go-round:

  1. heading to the kitchen for food, not necessarily conscious of why we need food
  2. in the kitchen to eat anything; leftover pasta, ice cream, peanut butter, cheese, cake and then back to the pasta
  3. eat alone and eat the first thing we see
  4. not in touch with the taste of the food and are not even aware of how much food we have eaten
  5. Don’t stop eating until our bodies begin to feel sick

Then we are in disbelief that we have binged on everything in the refrigerator.  We feel ashamed, disgusted and annoyed.  Once we forgive ourselves, we promise to never eat like that again and start a diet.  The emotional merry-go-round is exhausting, becomes repetitive and ultimately affects our self-esteem.  What can we do? Start to release repressed feelings and surrender to our emotions. This releases the tension causing us to overeat compulsively.

Dieting is hard work and maintaining a healthy weight can be harder.  Stop the Torment: Conquer Your Relationship with Food addresses how to develop a healthy relationship with food.  So whether you are on a diet, about to start one or have arrived at your ideal weight, you will learn how to get off the emotional merry-go-round, enjoy eating and never have to diet again.

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