Posted on August 11, 2015 · Posted in Healthful Eating Tips

Last week I was meeting with a client that has successfully lost ten pounds in thirteen days on the Metabolic Reset Program. As we discussed her progress, she mentioned that she was eating 5 oz. of chicken for dinner one evening but felt still hungry when she finished. So she cut off another small piece of chicken and after finishing it felt totally satisfied.

I asked her if she was truly hungry or eating because of an emotion, using food as a reward or because she had lost ten pounds following the program, felt she deserved it. She stated that her stomach was still rumbling slightly so I knew she had made the right decision to eat more protein. Then I said, I heard what you told me about eating another small piece of chicken but what I want to emphasize is a new eating behavior. I went on to state that before she ate the second small piece of chicken she checked in with her true hunger.

There are two kinds of hunger; mechanical and chemical. Mechanical hunger is when you have an empty feeling in your stomach, it begins to churn and make sounds. Chemical hunger is caused by low blood sugar. You feel tired, listless, lack of energy.

I asked my client to congratulate herself for identifying the reason behind eating a small amount more and knowing when she was satisfied. When we get in touch with our true hunger, eat until satisfied, our bodies will digest and metabolize the food.

If we eat for other reasons, we often overeat and our bodies store the food causing eventual weight gain. When you begin to eat, sit quietly first and uncover whether you are eating because of mechanical or chemical hunger. If not, take a time out to understand why food is necessary and begin to uncover unhealthy eating behaviors. – Joyce Lillis

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