Joyce Lillis-Speaker

As a Speaker, I present an entirely new approach to weight loss and weight maintenance.

I offer personal stories and information designed for the audience to understand their deeper relationship with food. Everyone has a very intimate, personal relationship with food and they don’t’ have to share it with anyone. However the more we share the more we realize we have similar feelings and through humor and inspiration can begin an incredible journey towards healthy eating.

“A unique weight loss approach that deserves serious attention for those in need of a winning formula. My patients were monitored throughout the program; I found high compliance and patient satisfaction. Thank you, Joyce, for sharing your expertise with my patients.”
-Michael Siu, M.D.

Since I founded The Metabolic Reset Program in 2007, I have successfully treated over 500 clients from the Bay Area and throughout the country. My mission is to help as many people uncover the triggers that cause eating disorders.

Speaking Topics include:
• Break through and resolve Yo-Yo Dieting
• Stop the “Inner Food Debate” – how much, when and what to eat
• Eliminating the Emotional Food Merry-Go-Round
• Stop eating disorders by changing patterns

Gentle and wise coaching for weight loss
“Joyce Lillis has been SO helpful as I have slimmed down. Most importantly, I am sure I can stay slimmer with her assistance. She has taught me immeasurably good things about food, my body, and even emotional reasons that held me back in the past from keeping extra weight off. I am thrilled with how she coaches and the results I have maintained.”
– Deborah Perdue

Weight can trigger deep emotions in people, so I speak to this topic in a gentle, kind and humorous sharing my experience of visiting Jackie Gleason’s Diet Doctor every week when I was eight years old with my mother so she could weigh in and get diet pills. Laughter allows the audience to relax as they relate to their first experience with food.

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