Meet Author Joyce Lillis

Joyce_Headshot_NewIn the ‘50s, when Joyce Lillis was 8 years old, her mother dragged her and her sister to Jackie Gleason’s diet doctor in Patterson, New Jersey, every Tuesday night to get weighed in and to score her weekly supply of diet pills. Joyce grew up with a mother on speed!

When you first get to know Joyce, you may find her to be a soft-spoken woman with a wealth of experience in the corporate world. But get her on the subject of diets and weight loss and you’ll quickly realize that her present calling is to bust many of the myths about weight loss management. And there’s no one more qualified to do so. For over 35 years Joyce exercised and yo-yo dieted, losing weight only to gain it all back, until she found a program that reset her metabolism. In less than two months, she lost 18 pounds and over 16 inches. Her body reshaped itself and now her weight is lower than it was in high school.

This victory led Joyce to want to help others, so in 2007 she founded Metabolic Reset, LLC. Since then, she’s helped over 500 clients lose weight and keep it off. Her success rate speaks for itself. Seventy-five percent have maintained their goal weight.

Prior to helping people conquer their relationship with food, Joyce spent 20 years developing training, sales, and marketing strategies for Fortune 500 companies, mid-size businesses, and entrepreneurial firms, having worked her way up from a secretarial position to senior vice president responsible for over 700 individuals. Her goal was always to take care of “her people.” In her current career she develops trust and respect with her clients through her understanding and sensitivity to assure they experience overall success on their journey of conquering their relationship with food.

Joyce is a Certified Master Coach and a member of the International Federation of Coaching. When she’s not coaching clients, she loves to travel abroad, perform storytelling with the Circle to Stage Group in Marin, and take long walks in the redwoods. She has made her bathroom scale a best friend and weighs in every morning, without the diet pills. She visits New York frequently to spend time with family and enjoys its museums and Broadway plays. Ask her what the craziest thing she’s done in her life and she’d say it was the summer she spent skydiving on the East Coast. Joyce lives in Corte Madera, California.

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