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Yoga Retreat in Bali

I would like to share with you how the lifestyle changes you make while on The Metabolic Reset Program will serve you well for the rest of your life, even during a vacation.

Recently I had an unexpected opportunity while I spent time with clients that completed The Metabolic Reset Program over the years while we were enjoying a Yoga Retreat in Bali. Each day we arose to enjoy the glorious island as we did Yoga in an open pavilion followed by a hearty breakfast.

Following breakfast several events were shared with the group enjoying the beauty of majestic temples, Balinese performances and celebrating their New Year, Nyepi. Some dinners we shared as a group and others we ate independently.

What was unexpected for me was the opportunity to be with clients that have maintained their weight over the years and could listen to how they were enjoying the tastes of the Balinese food without concern about limiting the delicious tastes they were enjoying that could cause weight gain.

It confirmed that coaching my clients to develop a healthy relationship with food brings clarity, peace and contentment, even when vacationing.

Some comments I heard were:

This food is delicious, have you tried the fried plantains yet?

  • Omelets every morning. Wow what a treat. I’m really enjoying these fabulous breakfasts. Have you tried the waffles and Papaya juice?
  • Fried rice for breakfast. That’s something different.
  • Dinner at Mosaic was the best. I loved the pork dish and, of course, the dessert.
  • Danishes for breakfast and desserts for dinner. How yummy.

The last morning over breakfast, a couple of clients were talking about the food they ate and I heard:

  • I just chose what I felt like eating. I know when I return home I will get on the scale and if I even gained any weight, it will be off in a couple of days.
  • Joyce taught us how to maintain our weight no matter where I am and what I choose to eat.

This unexpected addition to my trip conjured up the joy I receive every day working with my clients knowing I’m making a difference in their lives.

Joyce Lillis

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