Metabolic Reset Maintenance Plan Overview

Exclusively for our Metabolic Reset clients who have completed the program, we now offer a unique weight loss maintenance plan.

Congratulations! You have spent several months working hard to diet and reach your new goal weight. Now it is time to maintain your new weight, enjoy wearing clothes you look sensational in while accepting compliments from friends and loved ones. You feel glorious achieving your well-deserved goal.

Having worked with several hundreds of clients, I have found that during this time clients are determined never to regain the weight they worked so hard to lose. But along with the determination comes the fear they will regain weight because they have experienced weight loss and gain so many times before. Each person has a very intimate, personal relationship with food.

I developed The Metabolic Reset Maintenance Plan to provide clients additional coaching support until they are confident they can remain at their new weight set-point. Through our coaching sessions we discuss:

  • times when old eating patterns begin to surface
  • the importance of listening to your physical hunger
  • how to recognize and quiet your inner food voice
  • develop plans for attending parties and eating during the holiday season so you are relaxed to enjoy special treats without giving in to over indulging
  • and much more. . . . . .

So if you have lost weight on The Metabolic Reset Program and require coaching during your transition to maintenance, sign up for one of our plans and get the personal attention you deserve.