Posted on December 14, 2015 · Posted in Healthful Eating Tips

My birthday was Tuesday, December 1st.  Usually I celebrate my birthday on the day of, eat well, feel blessed for all the love and blessings I receive and resume eating healthy on December 2nd. This year was different.
So I decided to write about my experience to share with you how I still learn lessons after ten years of maintaining my lowest weight. My one day birthday celebration turned into a week of festivities which, of course, included food and more food, wine and more wine. I began the week enjoying every lunch and dinner without worrying or depriving myself of some very special treats.
Monday began with lunch with a dear friend where we enjoyed a glass and a half of wine along with bread and a delicious carpaccio salad.  Okay, not too bad. Tuesday, the day of, I was honored with an extraordinary dinner at a famous San Francisco restaurant, Boulevard, beginning with a martini and then a glass of wine while sharing two appetizers and then enjoying my main course of petrale sole with lobster and mashed potatoes. I then indulged in a delicious piece of cake with walnuts, apples and whipped cream for dessert.
Wednesday evening was another dinner with a friend that included wine, bread, salmon, rice, asparagus and another dessert of crème Brule. Thursday and Friday were lunches with friends where dessert included cupcakes and ice cream. And Friday night Mexican cuisine began with a margarita, guacamole and chips and ending with chicken fajitas, beans and rice.
I was still following my daily routine of getting on the scale each day and seeing that my weight was up 1.5 pounds but nothing to panic about.
However, on Saturday I left with a group of friends for wine country where I began the day with a glass of Champagne, cheese platter and smoked salmon that was shared by all. We stopped at another winery where I had a fragrant glass of Chardonnay and then on to lunch at one of the best restaurant in Napa for more wine, bruschetta, salad, rice balls and a dish of the most delicious pappardelle pasta. I’m happy to say no dessert for lunch; just a wonderful cup of cappuccino.
After ten years of maintaining a healthy weight while not depriving myself of enjoying delicious food when I’m at a party or out for dinner, indulging in a week’s worth of wine, desserts and delicious food was a first in a very long time.
By the time I arrived home late Saturday afternoon feeling incredibly stuffed, is when I began wondering what the scale would say in the morning. This was the first time all week I concerned myself with the number I would see the next morning. And honestly, it was because I felt extremely full. A long lost behavior I changed many years ago.
So when I woke up Sunday morning, I reluctantly headed to the bathroom scale, paused and thought, maybe I should wait a couple of days, eat healthy and then get on the scale.
But that is exactly what I tell my clients not to do, so I had to follow my advice and stay true to my belief. I slowly stepped on the scale to discover that I had lost one pound. One pound, how could that be?
After evaluating my week of indulging, I realized:
  • I didn’t eat everything on every plate of food I had chosen.  Actually I brought some of the pasta home and didn’t finish every dessert put in front of me.
  • Saturday when I was so incredibly stuffed with food, I drank water and lots of it.
  • At dinner time, I chose not to eat because I was still full.
  • I listened to the signals my body was sending, instead of rationalizing in my mind (Inner Food Voice) about why I should eat dinner and then cut back the following week.
  • I weighed myself daily.
For everyone that is hoping to maintain their weight during the holiday season, I’m delighted to share this experience with you, knowing you can enjoy special treats and if you overeat and have that full, stuffed feeling, stop, listen to your body that is hoping for a break from eating, drink plenty of water. And keep getting on the scale.
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