My Story


For over 35 years I have gained and lost weight. When I gained weight I disciplined myself to skip meals and eat very little. I lost the pounds very slowly and when I returned to eating three meals a day, I gained back not only the weight I lost, but additional weight. I tried many diet plans over the years but was never successful in maintaining my proper weight. Even with a rigorous exercise program I still carried stored fat in my mid-section, upper back and arms.

As the years passed I never stopped struggling with the question of how I could eat so few calories, exercise regularly and remain 15 to 20 pounds heavier than my original weight. I had come to believe that this was my destiny.

However, throughout the years there was a small voice within telling me it was more than counting calories or exercising. So I studied information about healthy food, how to eat properly, portion control and more, hoping after the next diet, I would maintain my weight and delete the word “diet from my vocabulary altogether.

Then I learned about a weight loss program that reset the metabolism. I started the program and lost 18 pounds and 16 inches. My body has reshaped itself and my weight is actually lower than it was when I graduated from high school.


During my dieting I studied my relationship with food. “Conquer Your Relationship with Food – The Secret to Maintaining Weight” is the result of years of analyzing and working with hundreds of clients that has lost and maintained their weight because they worked with me to discover the underlying issues they faced with food and dietary issues.

Women and men of many ages and many body shapes and sizes have lost anywhere from 20 to 80 pounds as well as inches. They feel healthy, lost weight amazingly fast and don’t have to fear gaining it back because they have conquered their relationship with food.