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My new book, coming soon, offers insight into the impact that our inner food debate has on weight gain. The content, stories and exercises provide a new approach to losing weight and, more importantly, maintaining a healthy weight.

Dieting is hard work but maintaining a healthy weight can be harder

People that have dieted only to gain back the weight later question their ability to believe in themselves when beginning another diet. Once you have an understanding of deeper habits that you succumb to, you will become conscious of what behavior is hindering your ability to be successful at maintaining a healthy weight.

With over thirty-five years experience of analyzing, rationalizing and challenging my behavior with food, seven years ago I decided to get honest with myself and conquer my relationship with food. My hope is that you will relate to the message and stories in this book so you, too, will never again need to go on a diet. Read more about Stop the Torment: Conquer Your Relationship with Food here.

I have written this book to help you understand the deep connection we have with food. It is not a book outlining a specific diet. It provides insight into how our relationship with food has contributed to the dieting craze in our country. Join our email list below for a chance to receive a free copy!

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