New Book from Joyce Lillis of Metabolic Reset

Stop the Torment: Conquer Your Relationship with Food

JoyceLillis_BookCover_webThis new book presents, for the first time in print, an entirely new approach to weight loss and weight maintenance, one that has evolved over 35 years of analyzing, rationalizing and challenging my behavior with food.

Like many of you, I spent years dutifully following one diet or another

having success, but then gaining back the weight. With each turn of the cycle, my self-esteem slipped a little lower. Then one day it hit me. The reason none of these diets solved the problem was that none of them went to the real core of the problem: my personal relationship with food.
Why did I eat the way I did? Why was I constantly at war with myself? Why the endless inner food debate — “If I eat this now…”


I have written this book to help you understand the true depth of the connection we have with food.

Dieting is hard work and maintaining a healthy weight can be even harder. But once you have an understanding of the deeper habits that are at work, you will become conscious of what is hindering your ability to maintain a successful weight.

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My hope is that the message and stories in this book will give you a new and better way to think about weight loss. It is not a book outlining a specific diet. It is the distillation of my successful work with myself and with hundreds of clients. The information, stories and exercises provide the insight to understand your deeper relationship with food and the tools to put an end to your “inner food debate” — so you, too, can conquer your relationship with food. More information about the book here…
— Joyce Lillis


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