Posted on August 15, 2013 · Posted in Weight Loss Tips

New Prescription Diet Pills on Market

In June the American Medical Association officially declared obesity a disease. Since June three new diet pills have hit the market; Qsymia, Belvig and Eisai. These diet prescription pills are not covered under insurance and the latest reports show very modest weight loss.

I read this article today in the San Francisco Chronicle about the latest new prescription diet pills, and wanted to give you my thoughts on losing weight using these new drugs.

Caution is recommended if considering diet pills as a way to lose weight. The Food and Drug Administration had taken several diet pills off the market over 13 years ago because the popular combo pill, fen-phen caused heart valve damage. Initially the FDA rejected Belvig and Qsymia until the pharmaceutical companies agreed to perform long-term trials to examine potential risks for heart attacks and strokes.

Long time risk cannot be proven until these pills have been on the market for three to five years. Until enough people try these diet pills think twice before asking for a drug that could cause serious health risks.

In my opinion, there is no magic bullet. Losing weight is not just about diet and exercise. Many of us have dieted over the years only to gain back the weight we lost and sometimes more. Studies have shown that most people with weight problems have a slow metabolism. There are methods that can improve your metabolism without the use of diet pills and you will lose weight with risking your health.

Once you reach your weight loss goal maintaining your weight is part of the overall success so you do not have to face another diet. Maintaining your ideal weight is the next step in the process and can be more challenging than dieting. So understanding and developing a healthy relationship with food if an essential part of the overall process of weight stabilization.

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