“Dieting”, a word we have become so familiar with. Many of us have dieted over the years only to regain the weight we lost and sometimes more. The word “diet” is offensive to many. People do not think of dieting as a positive experience. It represents deprivation and change. If we are successful, we celebrate; but if we falter, quilt ultimately takes over. When guilt takes over we can so easily lose our motivation to continue to diet or maintain the weight we have lost.

Below are the five phases people experience when deciding to diet. See if you identify with them and decide where you are in the process. Know that if you decide The Metabolic Reset Program or any other diet that is right for you, you can make it your last. My program “Conquer Your Relationship with Food — The Secret to Maintaining Weight” is designed to provide you with the awareness and mindset to successfully achieve and maintain your desired weight.

Phase 1: Why Bother?

“I’ve dieted before and gained back the weight. I’m resigned to being heavier than I like.”

  • I eat well and exercise but I don’t lose weight. I guess this is how my body is meant to be.
  • I only overeat at parties and that shouldn’t cause me to gain weight.
  • My family uses food to communicate so I don’t have a choice.
  • I want to be good but I can’t help myself.
  • I’ve always been addicted to chocolate/sugar.

Phase 2: Maybe this Time?

“Will another diet really work this time?”

  • If I lose weight and change my eating behavior, will I really keep the weight off?
  • Dieting is hard, I’m not sure I can do it (again)?
  • I have dieted in the past but reverted back to my old eating habits.

Phase 3: Preparation

“I am going to do this! I’m ready to go for it.”

  • Together we develop clear actions that will work specifically for you.
  • We plan short-term and long-term goals with a clear guideline on how to accomplish them.
  • You weigh yourself daily.
  • We discuss your success/challenges weekly.

Phase 4: Action

“I’m doing it!”

  • You have allocated your time and energy to achieving your goal.
  • You build confidence that losing weight is a healthy choice and worthwhile.
  • Support is pivotal to your success. We discuss your success/challenges weekly.

Phase 5: Ongoing Maintenance

“I’m never going back to eating poorly again.”

  • You have arrived. It is important to continue on your journey.
  • We discuss and develop long-term eating patterns.
  • You are clear on the benefits of changing your eating patterns because you have done the work and see the results; a healthier YOU

Whatever diet you may be on or about to begin, make it your last. Call Joyce at(415) 328-6267, or email her at joyce@metabolicreset.org to learn the details.