Praise for Stop the Torment

Praise for the new book – Stop the Torment

A unique weight loss approach that deserves serious attention for those in need of a winning formula. My patients were monitored throughout the program; I found high compliance and patient satisfaction. Thank you, Joyce, for sharing your expertise with my patients.
Michael Siu,M.D.
Joyce has managed to do what no other writer on diets or dieting or nutrition has done. She has gone straight to the heart of the matter and, through many years of her own experience, has illuminated the underlying reasons and issues that either prevents people from losing weight, or maintaining their weight loss. A must read and a life saver for many. With sensitivity and care, she walks the reader gently toward their own understanding of the hidden internal conversations that sabotage weight loss or maintenance, and with skillful guidance leads the way to that those committed to weight loss and maintenance can be assured of future success and the end to see-saw dieting. A must read and a life-saver for many.
Tina M. Benson, M A Counselor and Life Coach
I had never had problems with my weight until going through menopause, during which I gained 15 pounds, despite continuing to exercise and eat healthfully. I tried for several years to modify my diet to drop the extra pounds, but without success. Luckily, a good friend introduced me to Joyce. Under her coaching I not only dropped those 15 pounds but 5 others as well! I finally fit into those favorite clothes that I had been reluctant to discard. I am three years out now and still doing well. Thank you, Joyce!
Teresa Black, M.D.
For the last 38 years of my life my relationship to food has gone unresolved. Food became my best friend along with something I would constantly obsess about. Joyce was able to point out the reasons “why” I ate the way I did and now I am able to have a healthier and happier life. I am so grateful for this revelation.
Bonnie Walner
Working with Joyce Lillis has been a path to freedom from what she calls my ‘inner food voice.’ I have discovered a new-found trust in my body that includes more than ease-full eating; it also encompasses a deeper appreciation for my body as the temple to my soul. I carry my joyce-voice around inside me so that when I need a reminder of the miracle of a healthy metabolism I rest in trust that my body has a wisdom greater than my mind. The choices springing from that wisdom, I now know, are guiding me toward my whole and healthful self.
Lily Myers Kaplan