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 “Stop the Torment”—An Inspiring New Book on Conquering Our Relationship with Food

Author and weight loss expert Joyce Lillis shares the breakthrough insight that allowed her to achieve stress-free weight management after years of yo-yo dieting, and her successes helping hundreds of clients lose weight and keep it off.

SAN FRANCISCO (May 1, 2014) – Stop the Torment: Conquer Your Relationship with Food presents an entirely new approach to weight loss and weight management, based on author Joyce Lillis’ program of breaking the cycle of loss/gain by going deeper to explore the emotional and psychological underpinnings of each person’s eating patterns.  She shares information, real-life client narratives, and in-depth inquiries designed to help the reader better understand her or his relationship with food.

Lillis explains why willpower is never the long-term solution, how the stress of battling one’s cravings is actually counter-productive, and how unresolved emotions drive binge eating.  She also talks about one’s Inner Food Voice, a term she coined to describe the debates and negotiations that go on in our heads when we’re trying to adhere to a diet.  By uncovering the long established habits and triggers, dysfunctional eating patterns are recognized, the inner food debate about how much and what to eat is quieted, and physical hunger takes precedence over emotional eating.

“My goal for my clients, and what I love helping them achieve, is not just weight loss, but never having to diet again and finally being able to relax around food,” says Lillis.

“This is a unique weight loss approach that deserves serious attention for those in need of a winning formula. My patients were monitored throughout the program; I found high compliance and patient satisfaction, thanks to Joyce’s expertise.” — Michael Siu, M.D.

Joyce Lillis is the Founder of The Metabolic Reset Program, a Certified Master Coach and a member of the International Federation of Coaching. She has successfully treated many clients using the proven principles of The Metabolic Reset Program and balanced nutrition. Joyce believes that support and coaching is integral to a successful journey for weight loss and maintenance success.

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