Questions for the Media “Stop the Torment”



1.You claim to have an intuitive approach to weight loss. How does intuition play a part in your weight loss program?

2. What is metabolic reset?

3. You say in your book that certain foods help to boost the metabolism. How, and what are they?

4. What is your take on diets? Do they work?

5. Doesn’t it just take willpower and determination to lose weight? Why not?

6. In your book, you have a chapter titled “Oh No, the Scale!” Why is it so important to weigh yourself daily? Is there a best time of day, and if so, why?

7. You coined the term Inner Food Voice. How does one recognize if they’re having an inner debate about food?

8. What are three essential steps a person who eats for emotional reasons take to change their behavior?

9. When a person reaches their ideal weight, what is the most important thing to know so they don’t gain it back?

10. Why did you feel compelled to write a book?

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