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Posted on August 25, 2015 · Posted in Emotional Eating, Weight Loss Tips

Have you ever been on a diet, eating healthy foods and all of a sudden the number on the scale remains the same. I have worked with several clients over the years that have experienced this. And when it happens, they often want to give up. After all, they struggled to stay true to the program and since they are not losing, they want something that tastes good, something they have missed while eating the required food.
Most times when I experience this with a client, I realize there is something much great happening they are unaware of. We explore their current weight and discuss when they had been at that weight in the past.

Recently a client had reached 145 pounds with a goal of 135 but she could not get below the 145. She was following the program, eating the right foods, drinking enough water so I knew it went much deeper.

As we explored her past, I learned that when she was 19 years old she traveled with her sister to Los Angeles on a short vacation. Her and her sister got into a huge argument and left my client to find her way on her own. My client hitchhiked from Los Angeles to San Francisco where she knew someone she could stay with.

I learned that her weight was 145 pounds during this stressful time in her life and she remained at that weight for several years as she built a life for herself in San Francisco. As we continued to explore her circumstances I explained that her weight was protecting her during a time when she needed protection.

Once she realized that 145 pounds was a comfortable place for her earlier in life we went on to discuss her current situation. She was now married to a wonderful man, ran a successful business and was relatively happy.

That allowed her to realize she no longer needed the extra pounds to protect herself. The following week she remained on the program and lost three pounds. And over the next couple of weeks reached her goal weight of 135 pounds.

Dieting is hard work and sometimes losing weight is connected to so much more than just eating the proper foods. Many of my clients have experienced plateaus while on the Metabolic Reset Program but once we uncover issues that may have occurred years earlier, we are able to move forward allowing them to reach their goal weight.

– Joyce Lillis