Posted on May 23, 2014 · Posted in Healthful Eating Tips

SummertimeMetabolic Reset_Beach Boardwalk

Summer arrives.  Mom and Doris lost some weight, dieting stops and now the four of us are headed to the Jersey Shore every Saturday the sun is shining.  Mom dressed in her short shorts, tight top and high heels.  Doris in her tight skirt, blouse opened wide and high heels.  Once we arrive we all change into bathing suits and head for the beach.

Mom and Doris sit on their blanket in the sand as Arleen and I head to jump the waves in the ocean.   By 11:45 we head to the boardwalk for lunch.  Mom says, “I can’t wait to have the sausage and pepper sandwich (these were huge sandwiches fried on an open grill with Italian sausage, peppers and onions).  You could smell the sandwich 100 feet away.  Of course, mom ordered the French fries and an order of onion rings so the table could share.  Doris loved the cheese steak on huge bread with French fries.  My sister and I barely ate one of the onion rings.  Once lunch was finished we’d walk down the boardwalk to buy salt water taffy and fudge.  Oh, the fudge was so delicious.  We’d then head back to our blankets on the beach where mom and Doris would eat candy and Arleen and I would head out to play in the waves.  Come mid-afternoon everyone was just dying with the heat and humidity so it was time for ice cream.  Our afternoon snack was double scoops of vanilla ice cream dipped in soft, creamy chocolate that hardened over the vanilla.

At the end of the day, we would gather up our beach gear, shower, and change back into our clothes to head back to Union City, NJ.  Arleen and I often fell asleep.  Mom and Doris continued to talk about the day, and finish off any fudge or salt water taffy that was left.

Once Labor Day approached we knew it was the end of summer.  The end of eating salt water taffy, fudge and ice cream.  After ten weeks spent at the Jersey shore, it was time for mom and Doris to get serious again about their weight. Arleen and I started school and the following Tuesday night we are back in our 1950 Pontiac headed to Paterson, NJ, Jackie Gleason’s diet doctor. To be continued….