Posted on February 8, 2016 · Posted in Healthful Eating Tips

The Joy of Eating
Consciously Tasting Every Bite

The Joy of Eating article was written to share with you how approaching meals can help you find freedom in your relationship with food.

While coaching clients I have continued to see similarities in how people develop eating patterns that often are detrimental to weight management.

Feeling Full vs. Feeling Satisfied After a Meal

In my coaching sessions with clients as they are losing weight on The Metabolic Reset Program, I ask them to think back before they began the program and share with me their experience of feeling satisfied after a meal versus feeling full. Some clients have to really think about the question before answering.

Answers I often hear:

• How there were no limits on eating snacks, sweets or second helpings as a child
• When eating a meal they feel compelled to eat everything on their plate causing a feeling of fullness which results in guilt for over eating
• Feeling satisfied means feeling full
• They blacked out as they ate and didn’t stop until feeling full, sometimes even sick.

There is no right or wrong answer. It just provides information that helps me coach clients on an individual basis to make small shifts in their eating patterns so when they reach their goal weight they will have the tools to maintain that weight.

After I lost weight ten years ago, I began studying my eating behavior. I realized that the first four or five bites were the most tasty and delicious. After that the food was still good but my taste buds were already accustom to the taste and texture of the food. Prior to understanding this new phenomenon, I realized how often I ate without the true sense of tasting the food on my plate, so I continued to eat more food than I needed causing weight gain.

Start Consciously Tasting Every Bite

I ask clients to eat consciously while on The Metabolic Reset Program following the guidelines below:

• Eat at a table; not in front of a TV, computer, smartphone or reading a book
• Take two deep breaths to relax before eating
• Smell the food before taking the first bite
• Eat slowly
• Taste the texture of the food
• After finishing, remain seated to reflect on the experience

At our next coaching session I often hear how becoming aware of tasting food is relatively new. The people that follow this exercise usually have a very successful weight loss for the week and it is the beginning of changing a behavior that will lead to weight maintenance.

Once you are present during a meal, you will know the difference between feeling satisfied and feeling full. Eating until feeling satisfied is not only empowering but supports weight maintenance.
Enjoying meals should be a pleasant, relaxing experience. Try the exercise above and begin changing your relationship with food and delight in the joy of eating.

Joyce Lillis, Founder
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