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Make the right food choices

Welcome to 2017, a new year that often begins with a list of New Year’s Resolutions. Whether you scribble them down on a piece of paper, make a mental list or open a Word document to record, the one resolution that makes the list each year; Yes, you guessed it, LOSE WEIGHT.

How many years have I added this to my list, usually number 1, or at least in the top 3.

  • Lose 15 pounds
  • Lose 20 pounds by March 1
  • Eat healthy and lose 20 pounds

And each year I start the latest fad diet diligently, believing I would succeed. Willpower kicked in and off I went preparing to have the body of my dreams by spring time, so I could pull out my summer, skinny clothes in admiration of the new me.

Did you know that 30% of all New Year’s Resolutions are broken by February and weight loss is over 50%? Every year I would lose a few pounds; however, as soon as I lost five, my “Inner Food Voice” justified I deserved a reward. After all, just a small piece of chocolate wasn’t going to cause me to gain the five pounds I lost. And then I would get right back on the diet, I promised. Wow, my powerful “Inner Food Voice” was in full swing.

Well, those of us that have traveled on this journey know, all too well, the next temptation is right around the corner and willpower doesn’t work quite as well in February as it does in January. After all, we all ate delicious sweet and rich foods over the holidays and by January we are ready to take a break. By the end of February, the cold weather lasts a little too long and a scone, muffin, piece of pie, chocolate, whatever, with our latte is exactly what comforts us.
Since we all have a very personal, intimate, relationship with food and we don’t have to share it with anyone, how do we, not only get off the Merry-Go-Round Diet Syndrome, but stop it once and for all.

Let’s review your first experience with food. When you came into this world, you ate when hungry, returned to sleep and awoke when hungry again. It is the power of instinct that caused you to cry when you needed nourishment. You had no control over this. It didn’t matter if it was in public or 3:00 AM in the morning. You cried until your innate impulse was calmed down by satisfying your hunger.

As you grew, you became aware of how society judges body images. That is when the almighty, Inner Food Voice, developed negotiating, rationalizing and compromising what, when and how much food to eat. This daily inner dialogue developed, distracting you from paying attention to your innate sense, the sensation of physical hunger.

But there is HOPE. HOPE by understanding your relationship with food will begin your journey to successful weight loss. So, before you start a diet, here are a couple of steps to follow.
1. Quiet your inner debate about food and get in touch with the feeling of physical hunger.
2. Do not skip meals in hopes of losing weight. Your body needs healthy food to keep your metabolism working efficiently.
3. Eat until satisfied, (not full) and don’t feel guilty leaving food on your plate.
4. If you are eating for reasons other than hunger, take a timeout (2 minutes) to understand if food is a distraction.
5. Enjoy the smell, texture and taste of choosing healthy food.

After 14 days, evaluate your discoveries about your relationship with food so you are ready to continue the path to successful weight loss. And remember:

Be kind to yourself. You Deserve It! – And follow YOUR path to VICTORY

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