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Healthy Weight Loss – Is Your Inner Food Voice Helping or Hurting You?

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Are you listening to that voice in your head that is constantly rationalizing about how much food you should eat? The inner voice goes something like this:

  • Tomorrow I will start a new diet. So today I can eat that piece of cake.
  • I had a stressful day so just one piece of candy is not going to hurt?
  • I am celebrating my birthday today so eating anything I choose is okay.

You are not alone. Our inner voice is powerful. We find reasons to justify our choices of food hundreds of times throughout the day. I discuss this in depth in my book Stop the Torment: Conquer Your Relationship with Food. This on-going dialogue:

  • justifies the food we choose
  • makes us feel guilty
  • changes in a heartbeat
  • judges us as being good or bad

Is there a better way? Read more about weight loss and your inner voice in the article below.

Read more about weight loss and your inner voice here…..

I believe there is. But first, let’s look at a couple of examples of this behavior.

You’ve lost weight and are feeling good. You are determined to stay at your new weight. You begin eating the right portions of food but then one day a co-worker is having a birthday.

You are invited to participate in the celebration. While celebrating you negotiate with your inner voice and:

  • choose to indulge in a piece of chocolate cake
  • only one small piece won’t put on all those pounds you just lost
  • you deserve to have just one piece

Now your inner voice:

  • makes you feel guilty
  • makes you feel you have been bad
  • makes you promise to eat healthy tomorrow

The next day you keep your promise and eat healthy. By the end of the day you check in with your inner voice and you get exactly what you had hoped for: “You have been good today.”

The next week there is another birthday in the office. Today they are celebrating with a whipped cream cake. Your inner voice:

  • says take a small piece and just have two bites
  • goes dormant until the plate is cleaned as if it had been run through the dishwasher
  • makes you feel guilty again

You know the routine. You are on the roller coast ride one more time. The following week you decide that you better get on the scale.

  • you get the courage to weigh in first thing in the morning
  • when you awake you head straight for the bathroom but first you move the scale to a place where it usually records your lowest weight
  • then you carefully and slowly put one foot on, then the other and there it is. A number. Is it a good or bad number?

What will your inner voice say?

  • rationalize that you have only gained four pounds
  • that isn’t bad
  • your clothes still fit
  • today I’ll be good

Is there a better way? Yes, there is.

Our inner voice is so powerful and it is not about being good or bad. We have lost touch with what our body is asking for. If we listen to what our body needs, the choices we make will help us stay healthy, lose weight and enjoy eating.

With so many diets on the market, we have been conditioned to see food as the enemy. Food is not the enemy. Our inner voice is the enemy because it knows how to rationalize and manipulate. If we stop long enough to actually get in touch with what our body is asking for and how much we actually need to feel satisfied, we will learn to choose healthy foods.

I have worked successfully with over 400 clients. If you relate to this article and want more information about the program or book Conquer Your Relationship with Food: Stop the Torment, call Joyce at 415-328-6267 for a free half hour consultation.

The Secret to Maintaining Optimal Weight

Many of us have dieted on and off over the years. If we are successful, we buy new clothes, receive compliments and feel great. Then, over time, we regain the weight we lost. We go through the cycle: lose, gain, lose, gain. Our emotions match our weight loss cycle: happy, sad/angry, happy, sad/angry. Gradually we give in to the extra pounds until we hear about the next incredible diet that is going to change our lives.

I have spent many years yo-yo dieting, testing every diet from Weight Watchers and Atkins to The Cabbage Soup Diet and too many more to mention. I studied information about healthy food, how to eat properly, portion control and more, hoping that after the next diet I would maintain my weight and finally delete the word “diet” from my vocabulary.

Read more about maintaining an optimal weight……
After finding myself creeping back to my high weight yet again, I realized I needed to find another way. I decided to explore the true cause of my overeating. Instead of studying diets and foods, I began to study my relationship with food. “Conquer Your Relationship with Food – The Secret to Maintaining Weight” is the result of years of analyzing individual eating profiles and working with hundreds of clients to help them understand their dietary issues.

This program offers an in-depth look into your individual eating habits and what lies behind them. It will help you to analyze your thoughts and feelings around food, and to understand the inner demons that drive your food dilemmas and obsessions.

You will understand how and why you rationalize and often compromise in your eating habits, setting yourself up for feelings of guilt, shame and failure. And you will develop new insight and healthy behavior patterns that will conquer your relationship with food. You will no longer feel guilty if you eat chocolate or a piece of cake. And as you develop a conscious, healthy relationship with food, you will be able to delete the word “diet” from your vocabulary, too.

Whatever diet you may be on or about to begin, make it your last. Call Joyce at (415) 328-6267, or email her at to learn the details.